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ricSpec Racer Sports driver Scott Monroe at 24 Hours of Daytona race
Spec Racer Sports Driver Scott Monroe
Runs the 24 Hours of Daytona Race

Hot off the heels of his 2010 Southwest Division Regional Championship Monroe enters the 24 Hours of Daytona in a GT3 Porsche.  Monroe ran with co-drivers Harrington, Hull, Earnhart, and Sandburg in the Rick Ware Racing Porsche GT3.  Running the only 3.6 L Porsche in the field, the team managed to compete with all the other 3.8 L cars.  After losing 2nd gear in the first two hours of the race, the team was forced to run nearly the entire race without it.  With teams up and down pit wall packing up throughout the night due to attrition, the #47 Rick Ware team just stayed steady, edging closer and closer to a top ten finish in GT.  With less than four hours to go the car's alternator seized setting the alternator belt on fire.  The pit crew kept their wits by not spraying the fire with a fire extinguisher which would have resulted in a stiff penalty.  Instead, they doused the flames with water, changed the alternator in less than 20 minutes and sent the car back out on track.  In the first outing for both team and drivers, not only did they finish the race but they posted a very respectable 11th place finish in the GT class and 25th overall.  Congrats to Scott Monroe and Rick Ware Racing!

Monroe returned to Houston the very next weekend where he entered in the SCCA Queen of Hearts Double National  Race Weekend.  In route to his first SCCA National win on Saturday in his Spec Racer Ford, Monroe bested the track record by over a half a second!  WELL DONE SCOTT!

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