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New Products - SRF Clutch Disk & Brake Components PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Written by Administrator   

spec racer ford wilwood brake components

 Is your SRF suffering from excessive brake drag? Are your caliper slide rails worn or grooved? With many SRF’s being over 30 years old your answer is probably yes. That means it is probably time for you to upgrade your brake caliper assemblies. These units were designed specifically for the Spec Racer Ford by SCCA Enterprises and Wilwood Engineering. You will immediately notice reduced brake drag and more uniform pad wear. The kit includes: New Calipers, Caliper Adapter Brackets, Brake Line Hardware, and Seals. Brake pads or rotors not included. Contact Spec Racer Sports to order your Spec Racer Ford brake system upgrade!


spec racer ford clutch disk

The additional stress placed on the Spec Racer Ford drivetrain with the introduction of the Gen3 powerplant has proven to be very challenging on the Mazda gearboxes. SCCA Enterprises has worked diligently through many design iterations to try and mitigate this additional stress and strain. A new clutch with a sprung and dampened center section and less aggressive friction material has proven through development testing to show significant promise. After extensive testing, production units are now available for your Spec Racer Ford. Call Spec Racer Sports to order yours!

Contact SRS For Your AiM Data Acquisition Needs PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Written by David perkins   

Spec Racer Sports is pleased to announce that it is now a dealer for AiM data aquisitions systems.

2016 AiM products car data acquisition

Call for more information 281-595-3600.

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Thought 25 Years Of The Spec Racer Ford Was A Lot?


2015 Spec Racer Gen3 Sneak Peak

  • Spec Racer Gen3
    Lighter Weight
  • Spec Racer Gen3
    More Power & Torque
  • Spec Racer Gen3
    Double Overhead Cams
  • Spec Racer Gen3
    Revving to 6500 rpm
  • Spec Racer Gen3
    Leave the Competition Behind!
  • Spec Racer Gen3
    Let SRS Build Your 1.6 Liter Gen3 SRF!

Let Spec Racer Sports build you a new Spec Racer with 1.6 Liters of action packed into it!

Spec Racer Sports PDF  | Print |  E-mail

Spec Racer Sports is conveniently located trackside at Motorsports Ranch Houston 25 miles south of Houston in Angleton, TX.

Spec Racer Sports is the Soutwest Region Customer Service Representative (CSR) for Spec Racer Ford (SRF) the largest class in the SCCA.

We offer a variety of services including

  • Car rentals
  • Car transportation and storage
  • Professional chassis tuning
  • Track support
  • Chassis dyno work
  • General technical support. 

These services and a full inventory of Spec Racer Ford parts allow Spec Racer Sports to meet all of your Spec Racer Ford needs.


Data Aquisition

  • Visit AiM data aquisition website
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