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Spec Racer Sports - 2011  Race Schedule

Date Location Description Hosting Body Sat. Results* Sun. Results*
Jan 5,6,7,8,9 Sebring International Dbl track test, SCCA Test, Double National Central Florida 1st - B. Schofield (N)
2nd - F. Futrelle (N)
3rd - T. Ayres (N)
1st - B. Schofield (N)
2nd - F. Futrelle (N)
3rd - J. Gray (N)
Jan. 14,15,16 MSR Houston - Clockwise Test, Double Regional Houston 1st - H. Holliday (R)
2nd - H. Williams  (R)
3rd - B. Bosien (R)
1st - K. Bosien (R)
2nd - H. Williams (R)
3rd - H. Holliday (R)
Feb 4,5,6 MSR Houston - Clockwise Test, Regional Houston 1st - B. Bosien (R)
2nd - K. Bosien (R)
3rd - E. Cavalier (R)
1st - K. Bosien (R)
2nd - W. Williams (R)
3rd - B. Bosien (R)
Feb 4, 5, 6 MSR Houston - Clockwise Test, National Houston 1st - S. Monroe (N)
2nd - J. Jacobs (N)
3rd - T. Clyburn (N)
1st - C. Harris (N)
2nd - K. Bonner (N)
3rd - J. Jacobs (N)
Mar 3,4,5,6 Texas World Speedway Test, SCCA Test, Double National Lone Star 1st - John Strickler (N)
2nd - Denny Striplling (N)
3rd - Kevin Bosien (N)
1st - Denny Stripling (N)
2nd - Chris Funk (N)
3rd - Kevin Bosien (N)
Apr 1,2,3 Eagles Canyon Raceway Test, Regional, National Texas 1st - Brian Bosien
2nd - Kerry Bonner
3rd - Wade White
1st - Denny Stripling
2nd - Cliff White
3rd - Kevin Bosien
Apr 29,30,1 Texas Motor Speedway Test, Regional, National Texas 1st - Denny Stripling (N)
2nd - Kerry Bonner (N)
3rd - Monroe Scott (N)
1st - Scott Monroe (N)
2nd Kerry Bonner (N)
3rd - Kevin Bosien (N)
May 27,28,29 Texas World Speedway Test, Regional, National Lone Star 1st - Kevin Bosien (R)
2nd - Brian Bosien (R)
3rd - Matt Henriksen (R)
1st - Keith Vargas (N)
2nd - Harold Holliday (N)
3rd - Steve Kramer (N)
1st - Kevin Bosien (R)
2nd - Edward Cavalier (R)
3rd - Matt Henriksen (R)
1st - Denny Stripling (N)
2nd - Kevin Bosien (N)
3rd - Brian Bosien (N)
Jun 16,17,18,19 Road America June Sprints Chicago   1st Scott Rettich
2nd - Jeff Beck
3rd - Carl Harris
Aug 5,6,7 MSR Houston Test, Regional, National Houston

1st - Kevin Bosien (R)
2nd - Joshua Jacobs (R)
3rd - Jerome Mee (R)
1st - Denny Stripling (N)
2nd - Brian Grigsby (N)
3rd - Harrison Williams (N)

1st - Kevin Bosien (R)
2nd - Joshua Jacobs (R)
3rd - Edward Cavalier (R)
1st - Denny Stripling (N)
2nd - Brian Grigsby (N)
3rd - Darryl Wills (N)
Sep 19-25 Road America National Championships Runoff National    
Oct 14,15,16 Eagles Cannyon Raceway Test, Double Regional Texas 1st - Darryl Wills (R)
2nd - Monroe Scott (R)
3rd - Chris Funk (R)
1st Chris Funk (R)
2nd - Kevin Bosien (R)
3rd - Johnny Meriggi (R)
Nov 11,12,13 Texas World Speedway Test, Regional, 6 Hour Enduro Houston    
Dec 2,3,4 TexasMotor Speedway Super School Texas    

If you need Parts, Transport, Support or a Rental for one of these events call 281-595-3600* (R) - Regional, (N) - National


Southwest Division SCCA - Spec Racer Ford Leaders

Regional Points Leaders:
1st -  Edward Cavalier
2nd - Lee Romine
3rd - Jerome Mee
National Points Leaders:
1st -  Denny Stripling
2nd - Keith Verges
3rd - Steven J. Kramer

Link to Southwest Division SCCA  Points Standings
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